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Yeah, I’m even going to use capital letters and shit because this is kind of a serious venting post for me, requiring me to temporarily abandon my flippant no-effort no-care face. (Not serious even to stop swearing though)

As I identified…

I was going to ignore this, because I really loathe getting into these arguments lately, because when someone is this convinced that they’re right, and I see so many people agreeing with it, it makes me really want to just leave tumblr and stay there. Hidden away forever.

The social justice culture on Tumblr is problematic. It is flawed, and the platform is really not perfect, but it is ideal for disseminating ideas quickly and widely. That isn’t to say that name calling and piling up on people isn’t awful and horrible and just another form of bullying, because it certainly is. It is also inexcusable. Full stop.

But you know what, OP? You are so many kinds of wrong with how you framed the argument. You have managed to privilege what you think are or are not legitimate reasons for people to push back against oppression.

You are trying to frame social justice into what you think is or is not worth defending. You are trying to tell other people how to define their own oppressions, and yeah, you are being a bigot while you’re at it.

"Half-wit"? That is a horribly abelist term. I noticed that you used ableism as one of your chief hot-words that you think are being overused. The funny thing is that ableism runs rampant even in the most progressive corners of the social justice sphere, and people seem to think that it is just dandy to continue using words that are hurtful and oppressive to the PWD community, because to be expected to do otherwise, apparently, is policing your right to use language. Bullshit. Disabled persons have just as much right to not be hurt and have damaging words slung at them as anyone existing on any other axis of oppression. People seem to have no problem abolishing words that are hurtful to people of colour, or misogynistic slurs (though people are less likely to let go of misogynistic slurs than some others), or even anti-QUILTBAG terms, but ask them not to be hurtful to PWD/disabled persons, and suddenly we are whinging and just looking to be offended, or policing someone’s language. Disabled persons are more prone to be victims of violence and inconsiderate policies and harmful living situations because our needs are disregarded. Because people think we are just trying to play some sort of sympathy card. Because for some reason demanding to be treated fairly in just another form of being the PC Police.

I also noticed that you included people who are “white presenting” in your diatribe. I find it amusing that you would attack people for calling out oppression and bigotry by being oppressive and bigoted. There is a long history of erasure of First Nations/Native Americans, to the point where we often have to fight to cling to our heritage. I realize (or hope, anyhow) that your use of “Cherokee Princess” was hyperbolic, because those of us with actual Native heritage knows that there is no such thing, and a First Nations/Native person would not claim to have this in their history. But that is beside the point. The point is how you decided to tell us how to view race, and how to feel about having our racial heritage defined for us. Amusing, because not all Native/First Nations people, even with very heavy bloodlines, present in the stereotypical manner with jet black shiny hair and russet skin. There are very good reasons for that, and you, OP, don’t get to tell us that we are or are not Native because you don’t think we look the part.

In fact, a lot of Norther tribes present very white indeed, for many reasons. One being that they are Northern Tribes and don’t have the amounts of melanin in their skin that we have come to identify with Natives. In colder climates it just is not something that would have manifested genetically. The second is that Native tribes were systematically whitewashed by those who conquered them, forcing our ancestors to intermarry with their own so that we could be made whiter and more pure, hence less savage. Obviously.

The point of that is that you don’t get to define a person’s racial background for them. Just because you perceive a person as white doesn’t mean that they are. For all that you think some of us are benefitting from white privilege (another hot word you can add to your list, since you like deciding what is or isn’t appropriate to be offended by), there are just as many areas of our lives where we are being torn down and ripped apart because of attitudes like yours. Race is not a social construct. Not like gender. What it is is laden with stereotypes that people like you want to use to tell us that we are wrong in how we perceive and define our own lives. Thank you for that. I’ll be sure to tell all of my friends and family back on the reservation where I grew up that we are all performing Native wrong, and I’ll be sure to link them to this post.

We living on the less popular ends of oppression don’t need to go looking for reasons to be offended and hurt. Being offended and hurt is not fun. It isn’t something we revel in, because, honestly, it sucks. We don’t need to go look because there are plenty of people to make sure we see how inconsequential our own oppressions are right here, all the time, and to tell us essentially that we are assholes for being hurt.

Tumblr isn’t always the best platform for social just work, but for many of us it is what we have, and it has it’s merits and dark sides, for sure. That doesn’t mean that your screed here wasn’t hypocritical. Try taking a look at your own behavior before going off on those of us with an actual hat in this ring, and make sure you aren’t perpetuating the very thing you are decrying. 

Congratulations. You might have had a point under all of this, but wow, you’re doing it wrong.